Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Query For My Friends

So I have been thinking the past few days and then came to a decision and then since I second, third, fourth-guess every decision I EVER attempt to make on my own I have yet to follow through. I am thinking I should combine the owl with the mishap. I was planning to just move the shit from here over to there since that one is already hooked up with Amazon (and maybe has a slightly cooler name- actually, had I known there was a whole blogworld out there I would have spent more time on that aspect. But then I may still be trying to come up with the perfect title and never even written anything), but what do you guys (my 4 faithful followers) think? I really will listen to your opinion because, like I said, decision making is my weakest attribute. Seriously, want to kill me? ask me to make a difficult decision, then knock me out while I contemplate every aspect of each choice. But I hope I haven't made anyone want to kill me yet. I have more to offer humanity. If nothing else, I will give you more perfect children :)


1 comment:

  1. I kind of like them separate- but it would make more sense to put them together. I suppose my vote would be to combine them, but that is my current vote. If I wait too much longer I will change my mind and swing my decision. I'm just as bad as you.