Monday, May 3, 2010

Pardon You, Jerk at Walgreens

I go to Walgreens tonight with the grand intention of running (walking quickly) inside, dropping off a miniDV of one hour of Knox (the best hour on TV- let me know if you want a copy, I won't think you're creepy), and returning speedily home. Ha. I walk up to the clerk-less photo counter and gaze up at the giant sign telling me I can turn my tape into a DVD. Sweet, conformation that the mission at hand can be performed successfully.

I was standing about 3 feet back from the counter, but was OBVIOUSLY waiting for something when a lady slides in front of me just as Hector appears. Hector the Clerk starts talking to her before I could even complain and now it's rude for me to say something, right? I'm not that person anyway; the one that loudly proclaims their right to be served first. Of course she's not just picking up photos, but wants Hector to fill up ink cartridges that are being pulled out of plastic bag covered in ink as she babbles on about coupons and colors. I could have waited my turn and come home forgetting about unfairness of life had the lady not turned around 5 MINUTES after arrival and say "Oh! Did I jump line?" "YEAH BITCH! YOU DID!" my mind is screaming while my mouth mumbles something lame. It's not like she didn't know she did it and then calculated at what point could she feign ignorance but maintain her place. And who says 'jump line'? Maybe you do, but I don't and it's my story. I hope the freshly topped off ink cartridges bust on her carpet. Someday I am going to call people on their shit. I guess today was not that day.

This brings me to my next point. I can't wait until Knox can talk and then I can make him say (loudly) "Momma, that lady cut in line." Ahhhh the usefulness of children.

There was a large dead tree at the corner of the street where you turn to get to my house. The large tree was perfectly placed to block your view when you wanted to pull out of my street, but made getting home easier because I would just turn at the tree. It even had a reflector nailed in a couple feet off the ground to guide me home after dark. There was a garbage bag that had been fluttering in it's dead branches since we moved in ten months ago. I used to think it was a shirt. I came home today and the tree WAS GONE. I almost missed my street. Later I almost missed my street again. In the future, people, turn at the stump.

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