Friday, May 7, 2010

A Few Things I've Noticed

It was a lot easier to pose the kid for pictures when he could barely sit and sure as hell wasn't going anywhere. Now that he's all over both, my pictures are of the top of his head, the side of his butt, the back of his hand, or just a general blur as he shoves himself out of view. So much for having perfect monthly pictures in identical outfits and poses. I should've known from the beginning that would be beyond my abilities...

On a completely different note, I watch a LOT of TV. Too much, but usually I am not paying that much attention to the actual screen. I just listen. Well, yesterday I was really watching and noticed that a lot of women have freckles/age spots on their chest and arms. No problem. The more the merrier. The problem lies in the makeup they use to cover up any trace of these skin constellations on the face. IT LOOKS WEIRD. Now I  notice on everyone and it drives me nuts. Yes, this is a minor thing but your face really should match the rest of your body.

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  1. this is why sunscreen is my very best friend. you'd think the cancer thing would play a part but nope, i am one hundred percent vanity. :) and kudos to you for taking the same pics for so long! i gave up at three months with ava. :p