Friday, April 9, 2010

If Only...

If only my brain had a direct sync to this damn thing I would have much more frequent posts. I swear about 8 times a day I have a live feed running through my head of exactly what I have to say. However, I am either too lazy or too defeated by the fact that what I type will not only not match what I initially thought, but it won't be as good either to ever get it down in print. The good news is that nothing bad or unlucky enough to document has happened lately so that put me behind, but to be honest other cool/interesting things happen that I could talk about.

Something kinda weird. After Angel's needle incident, she got a cold which she passed to Homer (whose eye got so virally- made up word- infected I kept expecting to find it popped out of his head on the floor some morning). Homer gave it to Tomasina and then the damn cold, after weeks, battled down the immunity soldiers of Emma. I mean they must have not only knocked her little immune soldiers off their horses, but stolen their weapons, marched them into their kingdom, and ritualistically beheaded each and every one cuz this poor girl canNOT shake it. I have owned around 20 cats for some portion of their life and NEVER have I seen a cold passed around like I'm hosting a feline preschool or seen a cat ill for so long. This poor Emma sneezes like a congested old man (or my dad, or me who seems to have inherited my dad's crazy sneezes). Every night trying to falls asleep she is hackin' away in the living room literally sneezing in her sleep.

So I know I am not good at keeping this thing updated but just to add to my busy life of nothingness I have been planning for some time now to start a book review blog. Basically i haven't done it because I can't think of a suitable name. For those of you who don't know or haven't caught on I have turned the owl (more the retro design style than the actual feather dude perched hootin' in a barn) into Knox's personal mascot so I want a title featuring our wise feathered friend. Initially I had the term 'leatherbound' in my head thinking it would be great and not too straightforward (i.e. the leatherbound book nook). Then suddenly one day and out of the blue I pictured the poor owl bound and gagged for a freakish sexual encounter and there went that idea. Now I can't even hear the word 'leather' without picturing that unfortunate little thing. The other day I came up with the simple yet usable "The Paper Owl". Chris attempted to one up me with "The Origami Owl". I concede that his stellar use of alliteration is catchier, but does it convey the proper image? If anyone reads this thing and cares to share their input I AM LIStENING. :) Vote or share your ideas in my handy dandy comments section. I look forward to reviewing stories, characters, and book on CD narrators for your listening/reading pleasure. It's really one of my favorite things anyway.

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