Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mistress Mary

Mistress Mary....

Apparently that's the original Mary, Mary quite..... And since I am out of garden sayings after using just one I resorted to that. Aaaaanyway. We ate our first homegrown squash the other night. Yum. There are several others still going strong and there are new squash buds everyday. In the beginning I was managing to under water and over water at the same time. Weird and difficult for a normal person but somehow with my excellent screw things up skills, I managed. I gave each plant a couple cups of water right at the stem (not enough) everyday (too frequently) and they were making these tiny little mini squash (not the plan). Other than that our murdered banana pepper is regrowing and our tomatoes are getting huge. Okay and I wasn't lying about the attempt on the life of one of our banana peppers. We found the pour thing hacked off just below all the branches recently.

Top going down: squash, bell pepper, banana pepper, and watermelon
Not pictured: jalepeno and various herbs
Summer squash. Supposedly the flowers are edible and tasty sauteed. Let me know if anyone
wants to taste test for us :)
Cherry Red and Roma tomotoes


  1. I think I am also over/underwatering... so what did you do to correct? My garden is puny. Stunted. And retarded. I think I planted too soon, over/underwatered, and secrete some sort of mysterious plant-killing enzyme from my fingernails.

  2. I like your comment so much I kind of want to make it a post all it's own.

    So I will...