Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewwww: A Needle Pulling Thread

The final straw (needle) that made me write this stuff down (something family and friends have been telling me to do for years) was our lovely little white, fluffy, beautiful, *insert sarcasm* GENIUS of a cat Angel eating a needle. Seriously, of all the snacks and toys we provide little miss decided to play with a needle tonight. And then she ate it. Or she tried to eat it but it stuck in the roof of her mouth with the eye of the needle down her throat. Our attempts to dislodge and remove the needle were in vain and it slipped quickly and quietly down the esophagus and hopefully into her stomach. If all goes well, said needle will continue its journey exiting the stomach, gliding through the small intestine, and eventually re-lodge itself in cat poo somewhere inside the large intestine to be dropped unceremoniously into the litter box where it will be recovered and live to sew another day.

In the meantime, we will be watching Angel and her poo, probably taking her in for x-rays, and scouring the house for small objects. I thought we would have to worry about Knox eating random dangerous objects, but Angel must have lost the part of her animal instinct that warns of danger, possibly around the time she began wearing turtle neck sweaters. The most ironic thing of this whole incident is that the cat won't even eat food unless she sees you put it in the dish while she watches, because if the bowl is already full SHE DOESN'T KNOW THERE IS FOOD IN IT. Basically, had the needle been a kibble it would still be innocently resting on the tray with the button waiting for the button-less pants to get through the laundry.

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