Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Begin

The title poses its own question of how to begin a blog, journal, book when the opening entry sets the tone for the entire project? This is especially difficult when projects of this nature are meant to take on their own life. It's impossible to know where a story is going and where it will end from the onset. I don't entirely know the intentions of this or what to do with it, but I was inspired to start a record of the bad luck that tends to weave itself in and out of my life in the most bizarre fashion by yet another event. There are countless amounts of good things that have happened to me, this is not intended to be a personal pity party, and I will attempt to recognize some of those as well. But back to the misfortune, because most of those who have known me for any length of time have their personal favorite injury/random situation story plucked from the daily happenings of my life. Not wanting to encroach upon Knox's happy space I begin my own chronicle, so here goes...

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  1. Something tells me that I'm going to find many laughs from this blog!!